Super smashion show


A fashion show gone bad

Jellyfish jam

A tropical dance party for one

Lava tub

Drawing a hot bath after a long day

Gucci brain

Ugandan Knuckles attempting to end capitalism benefiting off of memes


A digitally hand-drawn animation of a cat playing with a ball

Walk cycle

A 2D animation of a walk cycle



A VR game portraying the benefits and consequences of recycling


A VR walkthrough of my favorite ice cream shop in Chicago


A 9 minute screen recording diving into the depths of the Mariana Trench from three different views

red alien thing 2 copy.jpg


red alien thing.jpg

A 3D model of a red mothership hovering in the sky with her three baby ships

dabbing yoda 2 copy.jpg
dabbing yoda 1.jpg

Dabbing yoda

A 3D model of a golden Yoda dabbing in a Roman space egg


A pencil drawing of a deer in the Field Museum


A pencil drawing of a bust of a woman in the Field Museum


An oil painting of the lead singer of The 1975

bold and brash

An abstract acrylic painting of a lion

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